Our service is founded on the commitment, dedication and professionalism.
Our team keeps to all standards of quality and excellence

Dedicated Driver
A Direct Express Dedicated Driver is professional, uniformed, devoted to one account and services it accordingly. A Dedicated Driver has his/her own vehicle and is 100% available to our client during the specified business hours
Courtesy Driver
A Direct Express Courtesy Driver is professional, uniformed, devoted to one account, and services it accordingly. A Courtesy Driver uses a vehicle provided with the client he/she is servicing. Many clients have company vehicles, and by outsourcing a professional driver, we are able to save them money as well as provide superior service to their customers.


NOTE: As part of Direct Express service, all drivers, when time allows in their daily routes, will market for your Company in order to help grow your business. Marketing materials will be provided by your company and distributed by Direct Express Drivers with marketing designations directed by your company. In addition, once your store has used our service for 6 months, Direct Express through its contacts will help grow your unit sales.