Handling legal documents requires not only intense care but also deep mutual trust, and a company that values reliability and honesty should always be your first choice. The set core values in our company, Direct Express, drives us to offer excellent services for all legal processing and research needs.

More so, since legal documents often require being delivered to different destinations, for us, Direct Express, we always guarantee delivery of any item on time. You are welcome to choose us as your one-stop-shop for every of your legal need.

We specialize in the following areas:


For process serving, it is advisable to choose a company that will deliver all the entrusted papers both securely and safely, and Direct Express will do it perfectly for you. We are skilled in this field, and we engage in process serving of all types of papers such as notices, federal subpoenas, citations and small claims. More so, in a bid to embrace transparency, we have an effective online service system for process serving; therefore, you can always monitor the progress, movement and destination of all your documents.

In addition, we always hold and embrace the believe that all our courier team are an extension of either your company or law firm; therefore, they will always dress smart, officially and professionally. Bearing the fact that the Texas Supreme Court has set certain guidelines, we strive to abide by these guidelines and serve every of your paper in a timely fashion. For any process serving need you may require, you are welcome to contact our courier team at Direct Express.


Direct Express will always serve all your legal delivery needs with a variety of services such as on-demand deliveries, and one can always choose the right and suiting service. More so, Direct Express will not only deliver legal documents but also packaged picked up as well as file box. However, there is no discrimination of any client, whether new or regular, who requires delivery legal services.


Whenever you need to deliver any legal document to the courthouse, you can always entrust us, Direct Express to do it for you. This since, we have an informed team who will ensure that all your legal documents issued are not only filed but also stamped as well as gets back to you within a short period. However, for court document delivery, we offer different services such as Rush Service, Standard Service and Direct Service, and you can use any of them to suit your need depending on your unique situation.

In addition, if you require any documents to be filed in the County Clerk’s Office, we make it easier for you, for we always make regular trips to numerous and different county courthouses such as Denton, Elis, Collin, Tarrant as well as Dallas.

Moreover, often you will require a Court Filing Messenger Service either since you do not have ample time to get to the courthouse or there is limited time remaining, and the court has ordered a certain document to be filed or transferred within certain fixed time. However, don t hesitates to contact and entrust us for will we diligently get to the courthouse and delivery the document. More so, if you firm isn’t a local one, there is no need for pressure; we will handle all your documents to the appropriate courthouse as well as file the papers on your behalf.



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